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Get involved! 

Do you remember your camp experiences? Do you remember sharing a special moment with someone who encouraged you? Those experiences and memories are what make coming to Clear Lake Education Center so great.
You can help make this possible for others by joining the Stewards Group. Membership is one part of being involved. Volunteering helps the Group and the Education Center in accomplishing tasks and projects. Contributing financially helps us achieve our goals.
  • Membership - join or renew now and enjoy the benefits of membership 
  • Volunteering - at camp, on projects, writing grants, for events
  • Financial Contributions - 100% of funds contributed go directly toward supporting Clear Lake

Expectations of STEWARDS :


  • Support - CLEC staff, mission, goals, efforts

  • Create - opportunities to build capacity

  • Advise - CLEC staff/board in areas such as finance, law, education, safety, management

  • Evaluate - programs, goals, standards, achievements

  • Facilitate - grant writing and volunteer efforts

  • Communicate - with CLEC staff, CLEC board, communities; share what makes the Education Center special; get others involved; help write the newsletter

  • Fundraise - create and manage events, write grants and assist with grant reporting, initiate donor programs

  • Volunteer - at CLEC or at events - presenting programs, assisting program staff, providing meals, supervising groups, waterfront lifeguarding, ropes course facilitating

  • Advocate - share what makes CLEC special with other groups and individuals; speak up for the needs of the Center; remind others of the importance of outdoor, experiential, environmental education

Benefits of Joining STEWARDS:


  • Knowing you are helping CLEC thrive and impacting tomorrow's citizens and stewards by connecting them to the natural world

  • Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) reciprocal benefits - for more information contact us or go to:

  • 10% off Education Center merchandise purchases

  • Voting privileges in board officer elections

  • Work with other fun-loving folks to create quality and memorable experiences for Center users

  • Learn more about the environment, today's youth, and each other

  • Meals provided and cabins available during work bees and events

  • Opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, fishing, and more

  • Annual special Thank You events - food, fellowship, recreation to honor the group

  • On the Hiawatha National Forest, close to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Seney National Wildlife Refuge

Be part of the action!
Join the Stewards Group by completing this SURVEY 
and submitting your membership payment via PayPal.

Or, Contact Us for more ways to join.
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