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Sit Spot Nature Journaling

The Seton Watch method of experiencing the natural world is a tried and true way to let your environment seep into you through several senses. What we do at Clear Lake Education Center takes that a step further. In our nature journal program, participants learn about historic journals: Lascaux Cave Paintings, Lewis and Clark, Thomas Edison, Peggy Whitson - understanding that what one person recorded made a difference to others, and that someday, their own journals might be important.

They are brought to a spot along the lakeshore where they sit quietly for a period of time and then record their thoughts, feelings, views from where they are. This practice helps them focus, and many have expressed how relaxed they felt afterward. They are often excited to share what they've put in their journals and to explain it to their peers.

To try this at home or afield doesn't require much in the way of supplies: appropriate dress, paper, pencil, eyes, ears, and other senses. You can add colored pencils or paints, a clipboard or journal, and any other implements you wish, but you can keep it completely simple, as well.

So go out and enjoy some time in nature and record your experience to remind yourself or to share with others.

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