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Is There Magic in Mud?

If you asked this little girl, she would say, "YES!" Allowing kids to get their hands, and sometimes their whole bodies, messy opens a door to creativity and to healing. The physical sensations of mud and using words to describe them are a wonderful learning opportunity, as well.

Listen to the story as it unfolds from the imagination of a child, and you will hear and feel the magic. The best part about letting kids get messy is that you get to join them in that world! It draws us closer not only to each other but also to the natural world. We make discoveries about the creatures that live in these ecosystems - ones that thrive on the moisture of mud, ones that bury themselves in mud for protection against temperature extremes, ones that use mud to make their homes or lay their eggs.

So, the next time you are invited to join a child playing in the mud - be ready to get your hands dirty and have your eyes, mind, and heart opened.

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